Company Name : Oporajoy IT Private Limited
Reg No. : C-142200/2017
VAT No : 001043888
Trade License : 02082401
TIN : 874688104129
Short Profile : OPORAJOY IT is the one of the best software company in Bangladesh. We provide Website Development, Website Design, Ecommerce solution, Custom software development, E-mail & SMS marketing, Digital marketing, Domain & Web Hosting. We have more than 200 clients in over the world.
Year of establishment : 31st December 2017
Corporate Address : 17/2, A.K. Sonar Tori (1st Floor),

Alauddirtek (Dhaka Cant),

Pallabi, Dhaka-1206.

Company Contact No : 01638300300
Company E-mail : oporajoyit@gmail.com
Company website : www.oporajoyit.com.bd
Other websites that belongs

to the company

: www.nhostbd.com



Founder & CEO : Monjurul Islam
Mobile/Direct Phone : 01638300300
E-mail ID : monjurul@oporajoyit.com.bd
Legal Structure of the Company : Private Limited
Language/ Tools : XML, PHP, MySQL, MS SQL, Joomla, Javascript, JSP, DHTML, CSS, ASP, .NET
Platform : Linux, Windows.
Mobile Platform : Android.
IT Enabled Services (ITES) : Web Design, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Graphic Design, Software Development, Online Fundraising Platform, Online Crowdfunding Platform, Domain, Web Hosting etc.
Human resources Information : 10
Logo :  Oporajoy IT Private Limited